Ebook – Principles of Foundation Engineering

Penulis : Braja M Das
Cetakan ke 7
Bahasa: English
Halaman: 815
Format: pdf
ISBN: 0495668125, 9780495668121
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Chapter  1: Geotechnical Properties of Soil
Chapter  2: Natural Soil Deposits and Subsoil Exploration
Chapter  3: Shallow Foundations: Ultimate Bearing Capacity
Chapter  4: Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations: Special Cases
Chapter  5: Shallow Foundations Allowable Bearing Capacity and Settlement
Chapter  6: Mat Foundations
Chapter  7: Lateral Earth Pressure
Chapter  8: Retaining Walls
Chapter  9: Sheet Pile Walls
Chapter 10: Braced Cuts
Chapter 11: Pile Foundations
Chapter 12: Drilled Shaft Foundations
Chapter 13: Foundations on Difficult Soils
Chapter 14: Soil Improvement and Ground Modification


Download —> Principles of Foundation Engineering


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